Preparatory committee for August 15 festival publishes statement

Pyongyang, August 20 (KCNA) — The preparatory committee for the “Grand Festival for National Reconciliation, Unity and Reunification” published a statement on August 19 as regards the successful holding of the August 15 grand pro-reunification festival.

The statement recalled that delegates of 68 political parties and organisations and individual figures from all walks of life in the north, south and abroad, more than 2,000, all told, participated in the festival, and said that the festival is an event of great significance in promoting national reconciliation and unity and achieving the reunification of the country.
The statement said:
The participation in the festival of Kim Tae Won and Hwang Son, delegates of Hanchongryon (South Korean Federation of University Student Councils), which represents the south headquarters of Pomchonghakryon (National Alliance of Youth and Students for the Country’s Reunification), and a group of priests of the South Korean Catholic Priests’ Council for Justice reflected the aspirations of the fellow countrymen for reunification and the desire of the nation= it greatly contributed to strengthening the north, south and overseas solidarity for national reunification.
Many organisations, delegates and officials could not take part in the festival owing to the obstructions of the South Korean authorities.
The South Korean authorities took away those related to Pomminryon (National Alliance for the Country’s Reunification) and students under Hanchongryon while brutally cracking down on pro-reunification events. This shows well that they are indeed a hideous anti-reunification murderous group.
The statement bitterly denounced their fascist suppression as an anti-reunification, anti-national criminal act intended to throw a wet blanket over the aspirations and desire of all the fellow countrymen for reunification and stifle the south headquarters of Pomminryon and Hanchongryon.
The South Korean authorities must stop invoking the “National Security Law” to suppress the delegates of Hanchongryon and the priests who participated in the festival and made great contributions to promoting national reconciliation and unity and strengthening the north, south and overseas solidarity for national reunification, the statement stressed.

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