Great event in state-building history

Pyongyang, August 21 (KCNA) — Five decades have passed since a socialist state emerged in Korea in the east on September 9, 1948.

The birth of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was proclaimed three years after the liberation of the country. It was such an unusual event in the state-building history that it greatly amazed statesmen of the world.
Korea was a poor and small feudal state which had been under the 40-odd-year long colonial rule of Japanese imperialism.
However, President Kim Il Sung built the DPRK in such a short span of time. The talks he had one day just before the liberation of Korea with Zhdanov, the then politburo member and secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, vividly tell about his great exploits in state building.
Being told about the President’s opinion on the orientation of development to be followed by Korea after the liberation, Zhdanov asked how long it would take to build a sovereign state after the country was liberated.
The President answered with confidence that two or three years were enough. He said to Zhdanov, who was doubtful about it:
The Korean people have been awakened and trained politically through many years of anti-Japanese armed struggle and national liberation struggle. Reliable leading forces and broad patriotic forces have been prepared. We have rich experience, inexhaustible creative ability, competent organizing ability and strong mobilizing ability.
His logical remarks convinced Zhdanov that one more socialist state would surely emerge on the earth.
As the President predicted, the North Korean People’s Committee was established in Korea two years after the liberation and the DPRK was founded next year.
When the issue of post-war Korean affairs was debated at the Yalta Negotiation, the U.S. side raised a plan on trusteeship. It prattled that the weak and small Asian countries liberated from the yokes of colonialism should receive “democratic education” under the trusteeship of a strong and big power.
The U.S. argued that some 40 years of efforts will be needed for the Korean people to acquire “full-fledged sovereignty.” but this argument proved imprudent.
President Kim Il Sung paved the road of the country and revolution , amazing world people.
The 1950-1953 War reduced everything in Korea to ashes.
The U.S. asserted that Korea would not rise again even in one hundred years. However, streets, villages, factories and farms were rebuilt on a larger scale in a few years, and industrialization was successfully carried out in 14 years in Korea. In other countries it took several hunered years.
Korea is now pushing ahead with the forced march of socialism, braving hardships and difficulties and working remarkable miracles under the tested leadership of Kim Jong Il.

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