Non-governmental cooperation should not be obstructed = KCNA commentary =

Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) — The South Korean authorities are now trying hard to block non-governmental cooperation between the north and south.

The present chief executive of South Korea has never let a chance pass by without saying that he will “promote economic exchange and cooperation between the north and south” on the principle of “separating politics from economy”.
If it is true, it is clear to everyone that the South Korean authorities should not meddle in non-governmental cooperation nor black it.
They, however, are trying to put the spoke in the wheel of cooperation with the north by Hyun Dai and other business groups. Worse still, they are employing every conceivable means to block even their humanitarian assistance.
Such behaviour of the South Korean authorities shows that “separation of politics from economy” and “encouragement of non-governmental cooperation” on their lips are an empty talk and an advertizement to curry favour with businessmen and people of South Korea.
It cannot be a policy for cooperation and exchange with the north.
Theirs is a criminal anti-north, anti-reunification policy which opposes exchange and cooperation and totally blocks the desire of the nation for reunification.
“Separation of politics from economy” advertized by them is hypocrisy. Their scheme to poke their nose into non-governmental cooperation reveals that it is a variant of “politics-economy fusion”.
If the “government” meddles in the non-governmental cooperation, the “Agency for National Security Planning” and “the Ministry of National Unification,” headquarters of anti-north plots, will poke their noses in to this affair.
Then, non-governmental cooperation will be frustrated.
If the South Korean authorities truly want exchange and cooperation with the north, they should no longer obstruct non-governmental cooperation.
We will watch their attitude.

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