Rodong Sinmun on Ulji Focus Lens exercise

Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today comments on frantic joint military exercise codenamed “Ulji Focus Lens” staged by the U.S. troops and army in South Korea.

The South Korean warmaniacs advertised that the exercise is for the sake of “defence”. But this is a sophysm to cover up the aggressive nature of the exercise, the news analyst of the paper says, and goes on:
The exercise is a three dimensional offensive operation drill to make a forestalling attack on the DPRK. Involved in it are huge armed forces enough to wage a war of aggression.
It is a dangerous adventure to examine, master and perfect the war scenario they have already worked out against the DPRK. This revealed that “improvement of inter-Korean relations” and “reconciliation and cooperation” on the lips of the South Korean authorities are no more than hypocrisy.
The enemy must not be mistaken. If warmongers dare to pounce upon us, we will shower thunderbolts of revenge on them with self-defence power.
The United States should reexamine its anachronistic Korea policy and refrain from egging the South Korean authorities on to confrontation and war against the DPRK.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/htsh_kkch/1270463311/

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