Japanese government denounced for its moves

Pyongyang, August 23 (KCNA) — Representatives of non-governmental international organisations made speeches at the debate on modern-type slavery, the sixth agenda item of the 50th session of the U.C. subcommission on prevention of discrimination and protection of minorities, on August 14.

A representative of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers said that the Japanese authorities are employing every conceivable means to evade their responsibilities and apology for the unethical crimes committed by Japan in the past.
This is a prelude heralding that Japan will repeat aggression and overseas expansion after burying its crimes in oblivion, he added.
He declared that the world justice and conscience as well as the victims will not tolerate such behaviour of the Japanese government.
A representative of the council of Asian Women’s Human Rights recalled that remarks beautifying the past are being continuously made in Japan.
This shows that the Japanese government has no intention to admit its responsibilities for war crimes and act on the basis of admission, she noted.
She urged the Japanese government to admit its past crimes and make state compensations to the former “comfort women for the army.”
A representative of the liberation organisation stated that mass media and even cabinet members of Japan describe “comfort women” as those engaged in “commercial practice.”
If the Japanese government is to do away with such phenomena, it must open all its past materials to the public.

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