70th anniversary of anti-Japanese trade union marked

Pyongyang, August 24 (KCNA) — A national meeting marking the 70th anniversary of the formation of the anti-Japanese trade union was held at the People’s Palace of Culture in Pyongyang today.

Formed by President Kim Il Sung on August 25, Juche 17 (1928), it was the first new-type revolutionary organisation of the working class in Korea and a clandestine revolutionary union which led a large number of workers to implement the President’s Juche-based lines and policies on the Korean revolution.
The meeting was attended by vice-President Ri Jong Ok, other party and state cadres and officials concerned.
Kim Jung Rin, secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, in his report said that, with the formation of the trade union, Korean workers came to be closely united around the President-led genuine revolutionary organisation and creditably perform their historic mission and obligation in the sacred struggle for national and class emancipation.
These revolutionary mass organisations, which steadily expanded their ranks in the struggle, played a big role in founding anti-Japanese people’s guerrillas with young people of working class origin as the core and rapidly expanding their ranks and aided guerrillas materially and mentally, the reporter said, and continued:
After the country was liberated, the President formed the Korean Trade Union, a mass organisation of the working class. With its formation, broad masses of workers could be rallied as organised forces and make great contributions to the building of a new country.
Today, the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea is developing under the outstanding and tested guidance of the respected Kim Jong Il.

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