Bellicose move

Pyongyang, August 27 (KCNA) — The South Korean military completed a “plan for reform in national defence,” an adventurous war plan, on August 25.

According to the plan, the first and third army commands will be reorganised into a ground operation command for operations and intelligence by December and the second army command into a logistic command for improved operation system. At the same time, operations will be commanded swiftly for efficient fighting.
Commando units will be reorganised mainly for the purpose of “operations against the north.” units for intelligence on the north will be merged for effective assistance to combined operations.
A “transport command of the rok army” will be set up by January next year. “Acquisition headquarters” will be instituted in the “defence ministry” so that even minor enterprises should produce war supplies.
This plan will be put into practice in real earnest from December.
The plan shows that the South Korean military is now reorganising units to suit a wartime system, regarding provocation of war against the north on the Korean peninsula as a fait accompli. Meanwhile, the military has worked out the plan for three-dimensional war, which envisages the mobilization of reserve forces and reinforcement of the production and supply system of war materials.
The plan is all the more dangerous in that it was worked out and is being put into practice under the contradictory slogan of “establishment of posture against war” put up by the present chief executive of South Korea, who styles his regime “people’s government” and calls for improved inter-Korean relations.

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