Japan urged to stop adventurous military moves

Pyongyang, August 27 (KCNA) — The Japanese reactionaries should stop their reckless moves for military power and overseas expansion, clearly seeing the trend of the times, said Minju Joson on Wednesday.

Such miltiary moves have reached a grave stage, the paper warned, and said:
Japan is further strengthening its military cooperation with the United States allegedly to cope with the crisis.
Some time ago, the director of Japan’s Defence Agency said that it is “important” to put fresh muscles into the “Japan-U.S. security system” and, to this end, they would try to urgently enforce the laws related to “Japan-U.S.defence cooperation guidelines”.
Japan-U.S. military tie-up is being tightened in actuality. The Japanese reactionaries, who persist in arms buildup, have joined the United States in “developing new military technology.”
They are now stepping up nuclear armament at an extremely dangerous stage and seeking to make overseas dispatchment of “self-defence forces” a fait accompli to gratify their militarist design..
On the occasion of nuclear tests in some Asian countries, the Japanese reactionaries have claimed that Japan should prepare itself in advance to cope with “possible nuclear development by North Korea.” Their claiming is to justify their nuclear arming.
Overseas dispatchment of Japan’s “SDF”, which started under the pretext of “instability” of regional situation and “international contribution”, is not limited.

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