Korean books donated to India

Pyongyang, August 29 (KCNA) — A ceremony for donating Korean books was held at the building of the All-India Trade Union Congress on August 24 to celebrate the

Kim Jong Il’s election as head of state and the 50th anniversary of the DPRK.
At the ceremony the Korean ambassador conveyed to the secretary general of the congress such Korean books as reminiscences “With the Century” and celebrated works of the President Kim Il Sung, and the brief biography of revolutionary activities of Kim Jong Il and his famous works.
The secretary general hoped that with the election of Kim Jong Il, a great revolutionary and fighter, as head of state, Korea would continue to encourage the world people in the struggle for justice, peace and socialism.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/htsh_kkch/1269261760/

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