Rodong Sinmun on “new labor policy”

Pyongyang, August 30 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today runs a commentary in this regard.

The commentary says the “new labor policy” is little different from the original labor policies and it is a deceptive trick designed to make a mockery of the angry workers.
The news analyst goes on:
The South Korean authorities are crying for setting up “labor-management cooperation system.” their utterances are a preach for cooperation between classes to give the management more power to exploit and oppress the workers.
In exploiting society the interests of workers and employers are in contradiction. Accordingly, capitalists and workers are in confrontation with each other.
The loud-mouthed “building of new labor-management culture” is a rigmarole to appease and deceive the workers.
The South Korean authorities have hitherto cried for “a fair share of pains.” in actuality, only the workers have been subjected to pains.
They have set up a vicious system to siphon the last drop of blood out of the workers, in conspiracy with employers of worst type and brutally suppressed the workers calling for wage hike and jobs. It is the height of impudence for them to talk about “new labor-management culture” and an unbearable insult to the workers.
It is clear to anyone that the “new labor policy” will only bring heavier sufferings to the workers.
It is obvious that the authorities brought forward the deceptive “new labor policy” in a bid to prop up the traitorous regime with a huge amount of money they received from the employers in reward for the encouragement to the exploitation of the workers.

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