Okryu restaurant

Pyongyang, August 31 (KCNA) — Okryu restaurant of Korea is a public catering base popular among the people.

It stands between Moran Hill and Okryu Bridge on the River Taedong in the heart of the capital city of Pyongyang.
It is of unique Korean architectural style. It has gable eaves with green tiles.
When it was opened to the public in August 1960, its total floorspace was 5,000 square metres.
When it was built on an expansion basis in September 1988, its total floorspace was more than 11,500 square metres. It can accommodate some 10,000 a day.
More than 3,000 people can have a meal at the same time.
The restaurant has 20 to 100-seat mess halls and 8 to 15-seat family dining rooms, some 40 in all.
It also has banquet halls and dining rooms. Open-air dining halls on the balcony are used in summer.
National dishes are mainly served in it.
Those include Pyongyang cold noodle, cold noodle on shallow round plate, gray mullet soup and boiled rice, Pyongyang Onban, beef rib soup, sinsollo and green bean pancake.
In particular, Pyongyang cold noodle is popular among the people at home and abroad.
The dish is chiefly made of buckwheat.
The thin and tough noodles with various kinds of mince are served with noodle broth processed with much care.
The noodle broth is made of water boiled with pheasant, beef and chicken and cooled. It makes people’s mouth water.
Sinsollo served at the restaurant is also popular among the people.
Sinsollo is a soup made of materials of tens of sorts, including meat, fish, vegetable, pine nuts, gingko nuts and mushroom.
Cuisines of other countries are served for foreign tourists.
Okryu restaurant is very instrumental in developing Korean cookery and disseminating it throughout the country.
70 percent of the employees are graduates from universities and colleges related to public catering and services. Among them are nearly 30 merited cooks.
General Secretary Kim Jong Il sent thanks to the employees for their excellent services on some 50 occasions.

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