NAM will as ever make triumphant progress

Pyongyang, September 1 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today runs an editorial article to observe the day of non-alignment.

The situation urgently demands that the NAM still remain an independent political force of developing countries in the next century and that NAM grow stronger, it says and goes on:
What is essential for strengthening and developing the movement is to defend its basic idea and principle as ever.
The basic idea and principle–independence against imperialism, peace against war–are mental pillar on which humankind should rely in accomplishing the cause of independence not only in the present century but also in the next century.
If the movement fails to defend the idea and principle at a time when forces outside it are trying to divide, disintegrate and neutralise it, it cannot discharge its mission and duty as befitting the representative of developing countries. Then it may play into the hands of imperialists and dominationists as well.
The movement should strengthen its unity and solidarity in every way. Only then can it increase its potentials and carry out its tasks with credit.
It should strengthen the unity based on solidarity and cooperation, as well as collective common action, with correct strategy and confidence in its strength so as to bring democracy to the United Nations and the international community and replace the present old international order with a new one.
In the next century it should strengthen the unity based on independence on the principle of mutual respect, non-interference, equality and mutual benefit in order to keep the imperialists from dividing and alienating it and play the role as the driving force for the building of an independent new world.
It also should push ahead with an active struggle against the imperialist’s policy of strength, their arbitrariness and privilege, true to the idea and principle, and make strenuous efforts for establishment of a new international order based on justice, equality and fairness.
Just is its cause.

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