Brisk creation of amateur literature

Pyongyang, September 2 (KCNA) — A large number of amateur literature were created in Korea.

Many amateur writers such as workers, farmers, soldiers, office workers, youths and children created literary works.
According to data available at the Central Committee of the Korean Writers Union, over 13,000 literary works, including full-length novels, medium-length novels, short stories, poems, scenarios and dramatic pieces were created in the last one year. More than 560 works were presented to the national mass literature prize contests and many of them became prize-winners.
They have attracted the attention of expert writers and readers for their truthful description of life.
Among them are a full-length novel “Zeal”, a medium-length novel “Green Sprig”, a short story “the Scene of snow-covered Mt. Paektu”, selected poems “I am a son of Pyongyang”, criticism “Under this sky and on this earth” and words of song “an Eternal Family.”
Selected poems “I am a son of Pyongyang” and criticism “Under this sky and on this earth” were awarded “June 4 Literature Prize.”
The prize (certificate, gold medal and bonus) is awarded every year to the best works of those created in one year with June 4 as an occasion.
Since the prize was enacted in March Juche 71 (1982), over 40 persons have received the prize.

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