President Kim Il Sung is alive in heart of humankind

Pyongyang, September 4 (KCNA) — Uton Muchtar Rafei, director of the Southeast Asia Regional Office of the World Health Organization, expressed deep respect for the President Kim Il Sung, in an interview with KCNA.

There are many great men in history who are famous for distinguished qualities and talents but there was no such great man as Kim Il Sung, he said.
When he visited the Kumsusan Memorial Palace he was convinced that the President is alive in the hearts of the Korean people as well as the world people while seeing many foreigners and overseas Koreans expressing respects to him, he noted.
He stressed that the international friendship exhibition shows his greatness well. The gifts displayed there are associated with the warm desire of the world people to have him forever as the great sun brightly indicating the road ahead of the era of independence.
General Secretary Kim Jong Il is a symbol and banner of victory for the Korean people, he noted, adding: he guarantees the eternal prosperity of Korea and happiness of the Korean people.

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