DPRK’s stand toward basic orientation of non- aligned movement in 21st century expressed

Pyongyang, September 5 (KCNA) — Vice-President of the DPRK Pak Song Chol, speaking at the 12th summit meeting of the non-aligned countries on Sept. 3 and expressed the DPRK’s stand toward the basic orientation and strategy of the activities of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in the 21st century.

He, who was heading the DPRK delegation, said that the NAM should invariably defend its noble idea and principle and tide over all the challenges with the might of unity, cohesion and solidarity in the next century, too.
He continued:
The idea and principle of the NAM are a political and mental mainstay we should rely on in accomplishing the human cause of independence in the next century, too.
The NAM should invariably maintain and strengthen in the next century, too, the vital power of the present century that has resolutely rejected all the attempts to emasculate the principle of the NAM and its political character on the pretext of the changed situation right after the Cold War, and that has powerfully demonstrated the validity of its idea and the efficiency and fitness of its existence.
Our unity, cohesion and solidarity are the source of might to satisfactorily ensure the leading role of the NAM in solving the key pending international matters including peace, security, disarmament, UN reform and development.
All of us should narrow disparities existing among the member nations, broaden the range of agreement and expand the realm of joint action so as to make the NAM give fuller play to its might as the only political force standing for the south in the new century, too.
The NAM should concentrate its effort on establishing a package joint strategy in a bid to counter the challenges of “globalization.”
It should raise it as the basic strategy for coping with the negative effect of “globalization” to strengthen economic relations among the developing countries, organize actions of south-south cooperation in keeping with the changed circumstances and develop them more broadly and vigorously.
The DPRK government will in the future remain faithful to the basic idea and aim of the NAM and make active contributions to accomplishing the human cause of independence under the wise guidance of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

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