Election for state leadership organs

Pyongyang, September 5 (KCNA) — An election for the state leadership organs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was held at the first session of the 10th Supreme People’s Assembly which was held today.

Hong Song Nam was elected premier of the cabinet.

The following are members of the cabinet:

Vice-premiers Jo Chang Dok, Kwak Pom Gi .

Minister of Foreign Affairs Paek Nam Sun .

Minister of Public Security Paek Hak Rim .

Chairman of the State Planning Commission Pak Nam Gi .

Minister of Power and Coal Industries Sin Thae Rok .

Minister of Extractive Industries Kil Song Nam .

Minister of Metal and Machine-Building Industries Jon Sung Hun .

Minister of Construction and Building-Materials Industries Jo Yun Hui .

Minister of Railways Kim Yong Sam .

Minister of Land and Marine Transport Kim Yong Il .

Minister of Agriculture Ri Ha Sop .

Minister of Chemical Industry Pak Pong Ju .

Minister of Light Industry Ri Yon Su .

Minister of Foreign Trade Kang Jong Mo .

Minister of Forestry Ri Sang Mu .

Minister of Fisheries Ri Song Un .

Minister of City Management and Land and Environment Protection Choe Jong Gon .

Minister of State Construction Control Pae Tal Jun .

Minister of Commerce Ri Yong Son .

Minister of Procurement and Food Administration Paek Chang Ryong .

Minister of Education Choe Ki Ryong .

Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Ri Kum Bom .

Minister of Culture Choe Jae Hyon .

Minister of Finance Rim Kyong Suk .

Minister of Labour Ri Won Il .

Minister of Public Health Kim Su Hak .

Minister of Physical Culture and Sports Pak Myong Chol .

Minister of State Inspection Kim Ui Sun .

President of the National Academy of Sciences Ri Kwang Ho .

President of the Central Bank Jong Song Thaek .

Director of the Central Statistic Bureau Kim Chang Su .

Chief Secretary Jong Mun San.

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