S. Korea’s plan to stage joint war game with Japan

Pyongyang, September 6 (KCNA) — The South Korean “Minister of National Defence” Chon Yong Thaek openly revealed a plan to tighten military tie-ups with Japan, according to a news report.

After having attended a closed-door confab between military bosses of South Korea and Japan in Tokyo, he said that Japan also clarified its stand to take military actions against the DPRK together with South Korea and the United States and that South Korea is examining a plan to stage joint military exercises with Japan.
He made this remark as soon as he came back to Seoul earlier than schedule upon hearing the news of the launch of an artificial satellite in the DPRK.
Our satellite launching is a legitimate exercise of sovereignty and a proud success of the nation which will enrich the treasurehouse common to humankind.
Nevertheless, this warmaniac is trying to intensify military actions against the DPRK even with the help of Japan as well as the united states, not abandoning his habit of slandering the DPRK.
The South Korean authorities would be well advised to act with discretion, mindful that their foolish acts will only entail serious consequences.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ninjawil/1611467621/

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