Korea on the eve of 50th anniversary of DPRK

Pyongyang, September 7 (KCNA) — All parts of Korea are pervaded with deep emotion and joy with the 50th anniversary of the DPRK at hand.

The first session of the 10th Supreme People’s Assembly, which was held with the approach of the National Day of DPRK, reelected General Secretary Kim Jong Il Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, reflecting the unanimous will of the whole party, all the army and all the people.
Hearing this emotional news, the servicemen and people are hardening their determination to uphold the leadership of Kim Jong Il with loyalty, raising a storm of cheers.
Celebration meetings are being held across the country.
Streets of the capital city of Pyongyang and rural villages are in festive mood and streamers “Greatest honour to the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il,” “Glory of Korea,” “Pride of Nation” and “Celebration” are seen in different parts. National flags and five-color flags are fluttering. People are dancing and singing of the great jubilee of the nation.
Meanwhile, events for celebrating the DPRK anniversary are being organized.
Symposiums on the ideas and feats of the President Kim Il Sung in the state building, a national book exhibition, a photo and art exhibition, a ten-day film show, a national people’s art festival, oratorial contests, performances of art circle members, celebration stages, sports games and other colorful events are being held.
“Kim Il Sung’s collected works” vols. 22 and 23 were published.
Working people in different sectors of the national economy are completing various projects they started for the DPRK anniversary.
People from all walks of life are significantly celebrating the holiday with their steadfast determination to staunchly take the road of Juche, absolutely trusting in and following only Kim Jong Il.

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