Papers call for building powerful state of socialism under party’s leadership

Pyongyang, September 9 (KCNA) — Papers today dedicate editorials to the 50th anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Rodong Sinmun says:
The DPRK is the State of the President Kim Il Sung in that he provided its roots and founded and exalted it.
The history of the DPRK is a dignified, glorious and proud history characterized by victorious advance under his independent ideas and lines= continuous victory under his iron will and tested leadership despite manifold difficulties= and embodiment of his politics based on love for and trust in the people.
His exploits in the history of building socialist Korea will be immortal for all ages.
The 50 years of the DPRK shine as the most glorious period in that they are associated with the leadership of General Secretary Kim Jong Il, who exalts the President’s immortal exploits in building the state.
Kim Jong Il is constantly developing the DPRK as a powerful state in ideology and politics with his experienced and tested leadership, strengthening Korea as a militarily invincible state with his outstanding military strategy and ever-victorious commanding art, and creating an epic of creation and construction, pulling through difficulties with his great patriotic faith and extraordinary revolutionary sweep.
He has unfolded a far-reaching plan to build Korea as a powerful socialist state, reflecting the unanimous desire of the Korean people and the demand of the times, and is leading the efforts to put the plan into effect.
Let us build a powerful state of Juche under Kim Jong Il’s leadership this is a slogan the Korean people should put up today for struggle, advance, creation and construction.
Loyalty to his ideology and politics is a decisive guarantee for building a powerful socialist state.
The most important task here is to step up the building of socialism.
National reunification is the supreme task of the nation which can brook no further delay. Consolidation of solidarity with the international revolutionary forces is the unshakable position of the DPRK government.
The Workers’ Party of Korea and the Korean people will faithfully exalt Kim Il Sung’s immortal exploits in state-building and accomplish the cause of building a powerful socialist state, closely rallied behind the Party Central Committee headed by Kim Jong Il.
The editorial of Minju Joson is titled “Let us exalt our republic as powerful state of Juche under leadership of great comrade Kim Jong Il.”

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