DPRK government under great leader

Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today in an article says that the DPRK government is invincible as long as it is led by General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

The author of the article says:
Today the DPRK government is giving full play to its might and vitality in the struggle to defend Korean socialism and victoriously advance the Juche revolution.
This is thanks to great leadership.
Kim Jong Il is an outstanding leader in the building of the socialist government.
His leadership enables the DPRK government to grow in strength constantly with a correct guiding principle.
He has defined the Juche idea as the unshakable guiding idea of the DPRK government and indicated the path of the people’s government in each period and at each stage of the revolution and construction.
His leadership also enables the DPRK government to become a solid revolutionary government based on broad socio-political forces.
He has made sure that the government organs at all levels were formed with fine representative of different social strata loved and supported by the people and that all the government activities were conducted strictly for the sake of the people.
His leadership also enables the DPRK government to strengthen as an invincible revolutionary government with powerful defence capabilities and solid economic foundation.
He long ago laid down the idea of attaching importance to the military affairs, defined defence building as an important task of the DPRK government and has led the people’s government to consolidate the foundation of the independent economy and display its might to the full.
His leadership will be the life-line of the DPRK government as ever.

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