DPRK will watch U.S. attitude

Pyongyang, September 13 (KCNA) — Minju Joson today comments on the DPRK-U.S. high-level talks held in New York for 16 days from August 21.

The news analyst says:
The U.S. has not sincerely implemented the 1994 framework agreement with the DPRK. This year, the U.S. has not fulfilled its obligation for the light-water reactor project and the supply of heavy oil for a long time on unreasonable pretexts.
This made the DPRK doubt that the U.S. is willing to implement the agreement. That is why the DPRK was compelled to suspend the storage of spent fuel and make preparations for more relevant measures.
The U.S is to blame for this situation.
The insincere attitude of the U.S. toward the implementation of the framework agreement was also revealed at the recent high-level talks. At the talks, the U.S. side raised the issue of a civilian underground structure of the DPRK which it “suspected” to be a project of secret nuclear program, though it was not included in the agenda. The U.S. also described the satellite launch of the DPRK as “ballistic missile test,” delaying the talks.
This was a poor trick to improve their unfavorable position and turn the tables in the atmosphere of the talks by branding the DPRK as “breaker” of the framework agreement.
We launched the satellite for scientific research into peaceful use of the outer space. For the DPRK to possess a satellite is a legitimate exercise of sovereignty, and no one has the right to argue for and against it. The same is the case with the “suspicion” about a peaceful construction project of the DPRK.
It is fortunate that the U.S., though belatedly, is taking the road of implementing the framework agreement as it promised.
The U.S. must clearly know that in case the situation becomes so grave again that the framework agreement may break down due to its wrong attitude, it will be wholly to blame for all consequences.
We will watch the U.S. side’s moves for the implementation of the framework agreement.

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