Kim Jong Il, great sun of nation

Pyongyang, September 14 (KCNA) – General Secretary Kim Jong Il who is responsible for the destiny of the Korean nation not only for the present but also in the future is the great sun of the nation whom the whole nation should hold in high esteem, as well as the President Kim Il Sung, forever.

Rodong Sinmun says this in a signed article today.
General Secretary Kim Jong Il is a great leader of national independence, national reunification, the daily says, and continues:
There are many important and principled problems that need an immediate solution for the destiny of the country and nation.
It is the respected marshal who takes a heavy resposibility for the solution to the historic problems and successfully solves them without the slightest vacillation and turns and twists.
When the enemies within and without were making desperate efforts to disintegrate and stifle Korean socialism with the fictitious “nuclear problem,” he frustrated their manoeuvrings with a bomb-like declaration to firmly defend the sovereignty of the country and the security of the nation.
He with deep insight into the fast-changing domestic and international situation put forward the most realistic and fair and aboveboard proposals for the country’s reunification to indicate a correct way of accomplishing the cause of national reunification.
For dozens of years he together with the President has crushed every one of the imperialists’ moves to isolate and stifle the DPRK and won victory after victory with his brilliant wisdom, matchless grit and distinguished leadership. As a result, the country has become a powerful socialist one, independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence and the nation’s movement for the country’s reunification has emerged victorious.

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