Foreign Ministry spokesman on principled position toward anti-DPRK campaign of Japan

Pyongyang, September 15 (KCNA) — The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea issued a statement today over the anti-DPRK hostile acts getting serious in Japan in the wake of the DPRK’s launch of an artificial satellite.

The spokesman says:
It is only the Japanese authorities that still describe the satellite launch in the DPRK as ballistic missile launch. They made public “countermeasures” such as suspension of negotiation for DPRK-Japan diplomatic relations, food assistance to the DPRK and flight to Japan of the Koryo air liners. They are making much ado to bring this issue to the U.N. Security Council and create “international pressure” on the DPRK.
Some people of the military and government authorities of Japan even overtly call for “strike” at the missile bases of the DPRK.
The Japanese authorities are running amok, despite the meaningful result of the DPRK-U.S. talks following the satellite launch, because Japan has yet to atone for its crimes against the Korean people and intends to realise its militaristic design.
It is also because the Japanese authorities think that only when they convince the home and foreign public that the DPRK launched a missile can they easily enact law for the New U.S.-Japan defence cooperation guidelines, build public opinion favorable for the introduction of the “theatre missile defence system” and possess their own military satellites needed for the building of a military power.
The DPRK Foreign Ministry bitterly denounces the Japanese authorities for posing grave threat to the sovereignty of the DPRK and peace in northeast Asia and thus making provocation against the DPRK. To cope with this situation, the Foreign Ministry solemnly declares as follows:
First, as long as Japan resorts to anti-DPRK campaign, the DPRK will never normalize diplomatic relations with Japan.
Second, if Japan avoids making apology and compensation for the past crimes any longer, it will be held wholly responsible for all consequences.
Third, the DPRK will resolutely counter Japan’s anti-DPRK acts with comprehensive and strong self-defensive measures.
Any hostile act against Korean nationals in Japan will be considered to be anti-DPRK acts of the Japanese authorities.
The Japanese authorities must ponder over what catastrophic consequences will result from their attempts to find a way out of the serious economic crisis in the provocative anti-DPRK campaign by taking the satellite launch of the DPRK as an opportunity for revival of militarism.

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