Japanese right-wing gangsters must not act rashly =KCNA commentary=

Pyongyang, September 15 (KCNA) — Japanese right-wing gangsters are committing hostile acts against the General Association of Korean residents in Japan (Chongryon), an organisation of overseas citizens of the DPRK, and Korean schools under it after the DPRK launched the first artificial satellite, according to a news report.

In Tokyo, a Korean schoolgirl, who was going to school in Korean costume, was beaten by a Japanese hooligan.
Another unidentified man, repeatedly telephoning the Korean school in Arakawa ward, Tokyo, threatened that he would “kidnap a senior schoolgirl in Korean costume” and asked if the school “teaches students how to manufacture missiles.”
Besides, threatening letters with a word “die” were mailed to Korean schools under Chongryon while some Korean schools were telephoned that potassium cyanide was “poured in their water-supply tanks.”
Worse still, a Japanese right-wing gang parked a loudspeaker car before the central headquarters of Chongryon and conducted anti-DPRK, anti-Chongryon propaganda activities, shouting “go back to Korea.”
These national chauvinistic behaviours are the worst violation of human rights and an anti-DPRK hostile act which cannot be pardoned in any case.
what makes matters serious is the fact that the behaviours were unhesitatingly committed with the tacit approval of the Japanese authorities.
As is known, such words as “missile launching test” and “unpardonable act” are continuously ringing out among Japanese politicians after an artificial satellite was launched in the DPRK.
“Missile launching test” on their lips is the launch of an artificial satellite which has already been widely known to the world. Accordingly, there is nothing doubtful about this.
The launch is a fruition of painstaking efforts of the Korean people to use the space for the peaceful purpose.
Therefore, there is no reason for Japan to hurl slanders at this.
The Japanese right-wing gangsters must clearly know that to provoke Chongryon, a dignified organisation of overseas citizens of the DPRK, is an act of infringing upon the sovereignty of the DPRK and stop acting rashly.

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