We sing of heyday of Kim Jong Il’s era

Pyongyang, September 15 (KCNA) — Chairman Han Tok Su of the Central Standing Committee of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) published a poem of September to General Secretary Kim Jong Il, the sun of the 21st century, under the title “We sing of heyday of Kim Jong Il’s era.”

The poem tells about great joy and rejoice over holding General Secretary Kim Il Sung, the sun of Juche, in high esteem as the eternal President of the country and reelecting the respected Kim Jong Il, the sun of guidance, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK.
“We wanted to see your election and listen to your policy speech but what sounded over the air was not your policy speech but the policy speech made by the President 8 years ago,” it said.
It continued:
“We wept once again and admired once again to see the loyalty and filial piety of you who always think the President first of all and always hold him in high esteem first.”
“The heyday of Kim Jong Il’s era advancing through rough wind and waves–this is indeed the prosperity of history full of loyalty and filial piety.”
“Korea once wept for flunkeyism, in sadness of a ruined country and in sorrow of a small country. As it greeted the great Kim Il Sung’s era, it is rising up in the centre of the earth and exalting the ideal era of a powerful state, opening a proud heyday on the peak of the glorious Kim Jong Il’s era.”
“It is you, peerless great man, who have built Korea into a country strongest in ideology, politics and military affairs.”
“You, the father of the nation, are embracing 700,000 overseas Koreans in Japan in your bosom, blocking misfortune and bringing about happiness, rallying five million overseas Koreans under the banner of patriotism, leading the 70 million fellow countrymen to the road of reunification and thus rousing them to the struggle for great national unity.”
“The great Kim Jong Il, your august name, means the prosperity of the era, advance of the era and victory of the era.”
“The heyday of Kim Jong Il’s era, the era of the sun of Juche, will continue as ever in the 21st century.”

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