Great lodestar of national reunification

Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) – General Secretary Kim Jong Il is the great leader who has led the cause of national reunification and independence with his energetic activities for scores of years, together with the President Kim Il Sung, Rodong Sinmun says today in an article titled “the respected marshal is the great lodestar of national reunification.”

He indicates a bright road of reunification by putting forward correct ideas, theories and strategy and tactics on national reunification on the basis of the immortal Juche idea, the author of the article says, and continues:
He published celebrated works concerning the issue of national reunification such as “Let Us Carry Out the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’s Instructions for National Reunification” and “Let Us Reunify the Country Independently and Peacefully Through the Great Unity of the Entire Nation.”
In the works he defined the three principles of national reunification, the 10-Point Program of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation and the proposal for founding the Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo, which were advanced by Kim Il Sung, as the three charters of national reunification to set a firm mainstay of reunification. And he advanced the five-point policy of great national unity on maintaining the principle of national independence, uniting under the banner of patriotism, improving inter-Korean relations, fighting against domination and subjugation of outside forces, and helping all the Koreans to have contacts, promote dialogue and strengthen solidarity.
It is the steadfast determination and will of General Secretary Kim Jong Il to reunify the country in our generation through the great unity of the nation by defending and carrying forward the idea of great national unity and its exploits, rich experience and traditions.
The five-point policy of great national unity advanced by him makes it possible to realize the unity of the nation and achieve reunification. This is the faith and will of the Koreans at home and abroad looking up to the marshal.

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