Orchestras of Korea

Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) — The orchestras of Korea preserve the Juche character and the national character and reflect the idea of the era and the feelings of the working people, encouraging their revolutionary struggle and construction work.

Symphonies “the leader is always with us,” “victory in anti-Japanese war” and “salute to you” and an orchestra “don’t advance, night of Pyongyang” and other orchestras based on famous songs in the present era were created in recent years.
The orchestras of Korea are based on famous and folk songs, so they are popular and common.
Among them are symphonies and orchestras on the theme of such famous songs with stanza as “the Sea of Blood” and folk songs “Bellflower” and “Arirang.” the combined orchestra of a Juche type makes it possible to have rich expression which cannot be made by the preceding national orchestra or western orchestra. It introduces a method of reviving the intrinsic sound of the national musical instruments and properly combining different instruments.
Typical is opera music including the revolutionary operas “the Sea of Blood” and “the Flower Girl” and an orchestra “a Bumper crop visits Chongsan Plain”.
Western orchestra has been developed to suit the sentiments and feelings of the Korean people. “The Mungyong Pass” and “dear home in my native place” which were created during the Fatherland Liberation War have been orchestrated.
The National Symphony Orchestra of Korea sang of the history of the DPRK on the occasion of its 50th foundation anniversary to be acclaimed by the audience.

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