Let us adhere to line of building independent national economy =Joint article of Rodong Sinmun and Kunroja=

Pyongyang, September 17 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun, the organ of the central committee of the workers’ Party of Korea, and Kunroja, the politico-theoretical magazine of the WPK Central Committee, published a joint article captioned “Let us adhere to the line of building an independent national economy.”

Rodong Sinmun today devotes the front page to the joint article.
The joint article consists of subtitles “Self-reliance is the only way for living,” “Let us give full play to the advantages of independent national economy,” “Let us thoroughly reject imperialist move for ‘integration’ of the world economy” and “Final victory is in store for self-reliant people.”
Self-reliance is a genuine way for firmly defending the sovereignty of the country and nation and activating the national economy, the article says, and continues:
All the people who love the country should never allow the slightest tendency to selling the dignity of the nation for personal comfort.
The sovereignty of the nation should not be infringed upon in any case. Economic independence is necessary for the sovereignty of the nation.
A colonial debtor nation like a debt-ridden servant is not in a position to say its own say, left to the tender mercy of other countries.
The sovereignty of the nation is not a present from others. Nor does it fall from the heaven. We will dynamically move ahead along the road of self-reliance in
order to exalt the dignity of the socialist country replete with independence.
It is a foolish daydream to try to revive the economy by introducing foreign capital, not relying on one’s own strength.
If one wants the prosperity of the national economy, he should thoroughly reject the idea of dependence on outside forces, the idea that he cannot live without foreign capital.
The Korean people will hold high the banner of self-reliance, come what may.
The socialist independent national economy has proved its worth, the article says, and calls for bringing its superiority into full play.
The imperialists and reactionaries are claiming that our economic difficulties of recent years are attributable to our economy itself, the article says, and continues:
Their allegation is false propaganda to distort the truth and lead us to lose our faith. The slander on our independent national economy does not deserve even a passing note. We should make every possible effort to give full play to the advantages of the socialist independent national economy without the slightest vacillation.
For all the members of society to make the most of the existing economic potentials with the unshakable will and determination to rely on their own economic foundations–this is the WPK’s policy of self-reliance.
Ours is an independent economic structure equipped with all the economic sectors in good harmony and with its own strong heavy industry at the core. It is incomparably better than the export-oriented economic structure dependent on other countries.
We cannot allow any attempt to undermine our peculiar economic structure.
We will in the future, too, adhere to the basic line of socialist economic construction the keynote of which is to give priority to the development of heavy industry and develop light industry and agriculture simultaneously, in order to steadily increase the potentials of our economic structure.
We should not confine ourselves to the norms of the past, but do work efficiently to pull through the present economic difficulties of the country. The best way of activating our economy at an early date is to grasp the main link in the chain of immediate tasks and concentrate energies on it and revitalise the economy one sector after another as ants gnaw a piece of bone.
The article stresses the need to decisively smash the imperialists’ vicious moves for “integration” of world economy.
It goes on:
By “integration” of world economy the imperialists mean to “westernize” and “Americanize” the economy of all countries and place it under their domination.
The viciousness and catastrophic consequence of their moves for “integration” of world economy have been brought into bolder relief by the financial crisis in different areas of Asia.
We must clearly see through the vicious design of the imperialists and answer their moves for “globalization” of economy with the line of building an independent national economy.
We must not forget the miserable plight of the countries and nations that harboured illusion about imperialism and we must always maintain the steadfast anti-imperialist stand.
We must heighten vigilance against the imperialists’moves to induce us to “reform” and “opening to the outside world.” “Reform” and “opening” on their lips are a honey-coated poison.
Clear is our stand toward “reform” and “opening.” we now have nothing to “reform” and “open”. By “reform” and “opening” the imperialists mean to revive capitalism.
The best way of blocking the wind of “reform” and “opening” of the imperialists is to defend the socialist principle in all sectors of economy.
Even though anyone calls us “conservatives,” we will never abandon the principle, but will set ourselves against all the attempts to induce us to join an “integrated” world.
Self-reliance is a long and difficult way, but it has been proven that this is the only way of victory and glory.
It is true that our socialist economy is still undergoing difficulties. We are not concealing it. However, the Workers’ Party and people of Korea will vigorously rise up once again to drastically increase the might of our independent national economy and build a powerful state of Juche without fail.
The correct politics of the WPK, the might of singlehearted unity of the Korean people, the high level of culture and technology, the inexhaustible potentials of our economy and rich natural resources–these are the foundations which make Korea boundlessly prosperous.
The source of our economy is, first of all, political and ideological might and unity.
The enemy cannot break our strength, the strength of unity, with any modern weapons and economic blockade.
A decisive guarantee for winning the final victory in the struggle for socialist economic construction lies in ever-victorious politics of the WPK.
General Secretary Kim Jong Il is the most distinguished statesman in our era and the outstanding genius of socialist construction.
A new advancement is being made in our economic construction thanks to Kim Jong Il’s mode of politics.
There is no fortress we can not occupy under the leadership of the great party.
Who laughs last is not imperialists who are making a bluff but the Korean people who are advancing along the road of independence and self-reliance.
In the 21st century the world will certainly witness a prosperous socialist Korea, a strong country of Juche with independent economy.

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