Famous actor Yu Won Jun

Pyongyang, September 18 (KCNA) — A multi-part feature film “the Nation and Destiny” (part of working class) is being screened at cinema houses in Korea.

The film tells about a “Family of Smelters” in Kangson (the Chollima Steel Complex) and its workers. It is highly estimated for its impressive content and the vivid and plain acting of actors and actresses.
Yu Won Jun, winner of “Kim Il Sung Order”, labour hero and people’s actor, played the part of the family head.
He took starring or leading roles in over 80 films while acting as an actor for more than 50 years.
He played a leading role in “My home village,” a film which was made for the first time in Korea after liberation.
Through it, he became well known to experts and people.
After this, he successfully played roles of positive and negative characters of different societies and social strata in many films including “Under the bright sun”, “a Worker’s Family”, “the Family of Choe Hak Sin”, “the Fourteenth Winter” and “the Tale of Chun Hyang”.
His special ability was to quickly understand the inner world of characters and vividly depict them. He also had rich power of acting and a clear creative individuality.
His merits were a profound and delicate acting.
Even when he was at an advanced age of about 80, he acted as if he was in his thirties. In his youthful days, he was an enthusiast for skating, weightlifting, basketball and boxing. So he had a strong physical body needed for an actor.
On June 10, 1998 he died of a fatal disease at the age of 79.
General Secretary Kim Jong ll saw the last part of working-lass part of the film “the Nation and Destiny” in which he played a leading role before the death. He said that the film was well made and Yu was a world-level famous actor. Yu had led a worthwhile life to the last moment of his life, he added. He said with high estimation that Yu died while working with loyalty to the party and the leader.
Though Yu Won Jun died, his contributions to the development of film art of Juche will remain in the hearts of the people.

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