Dishonest forces trying to stop travel to Mt. Kumgang = KCNA commentary =

Pyongyang, September 19 (KCNA) — At a time when a travel to Mt. Kumgang of South Koreans is imminent, the dishonest forces in South Korea are trying to block the travel.

Some “assemblymen” of the “New Korea Party” (NKP) and the “United Liberal Democrats” (ULD) of South Korea held a “rally for urging a stop to the travel to Mt. Kumgang” at a park in Seoul on September 16 and demanded “nullification of the travel.”
This is a ridiculous and impudent behaviour throwing a wet blanket over the aspiration of the fellow countrymen for reunification.
As for the travel to Mt. Kumgang, it is to realize the desire and aspiration of the South Korean people to make a sightseeing of Mt. Kumgang, one of the five famous mountains in Korea= it has been promoted under the fellow countrymen’s active support and approval. The first tourist ship for Mt. Kumgang will leave South Korea before long.
At this very time, those under the “NKP” and the “ULD” are letting loose a balderdash that the travel will “have a serious influence on security”, crying that the “the travel to Mt. Kumgang” must be nullified.
With the “NKP” and the “ULD”, private political parties, left intact, neither national reconciliation and unity nor peace of the country and its peaceful reunification can be achieved. Therefore, they must be removed as ruffians of era.
Those who trample underfoot the desire of the people and go against the trend of the times will face a stern judgement of history and the people.
The “NKP” and “ULD” must clearly see this and stop running amuck.

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