They will face stern judgement by nation

Pyongyang, September 21 (KCNA) — The South Korean authorities are employing ever conceivable vicious and base technique to block non-governmental cooperation between the two sides of Korea.

The authorities of the South Korean “Agency for National Security Planning” and the “Ministry of Unification” have kept the Hyundai business group and other business groups from stepping up non-governmental cooperation with the relevant organs in North Korea. They have gone the length of feeding oxen, which had been donated by the honorary President of the Hyundai business group, with indigestible food so that the oxen may die slowly.
As result of the crime committed on the directives of the ANSP and the “Ministry of Unification” 15 heads of oxen died by August and another 8 are on the point of dying.
In early July we were shocked at the fact that all of sudden a few oxen died and the impure substances were found in stomaches of the dead oxen. But, we have not made clear our official position in this regard, considering that the problem may let down the fellow countrymen who want national reconciliation and unity and the non-governmental cooperation between the north and south of Korea.
We cannot guess how many oxen may fall to the vicious plot of the “ANSP” and the “Ministry of Unification” which set themselves against the non-governmental cooperation.
We, therefore, have to lay bare the plot.
The anatomy of the relevant experts proved that the stomaches of the dead oxen had been filled with vinyl stripes and lumps of hemp ropes which cannot be seen in the DPRK, that the oxen had been forced to be fed with the impure substance in South Korea before sending them via the demarcation line.
We have already secured enough material evidence.
To our consternation, the ultra-right wing anti-communist fanatics of South Korea used even oxen for their dirty anti-DPRK campaign.
Their act proves once again that the “ANSP” and the “Ministry of Unification” are herds of authorities and separatists who are stooped to any plots beyond human ken in a bid to block the inter-Korean non-governmental cooperation and create distrust between the South Korean businessmen and us.
The ultra-right wing anti-communists of the “ANSP” and the “Ministry of Unification” spent a huge amount of money on sending commodities with poisonous substance to North Korea from China.
History knows crime-woven records of not a small number of murderers and plotters. But, it does not know such murderers and plotters as the authorities of the “ANSP” and the “Ministry of Unification” who have committed the thrice-cursed crime such as murdering the fellow countrymen and sowing discord among them, infringing upon the sovereignty of other country.
None of the South Korean successive “governments” but the self-styled “people’s government” has used even animals for anti-north campaign.
All this shows that with the “ANSP” and the “Ministry of Unification” left intact, there cannot be national reconciliation, unity, peace and reunification.
The “ANSP” and the “Ministry of Unification” will be severely punished by history and the nation for their thrice-cursed crimes against the nation and reunification.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bumix2000/4907396432/

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