Korean film art

Pyongyang, September 23 (KCNA) — The sixth Pyongyang film festival of non-aligned and other developing countries is being held here.

The DPRK presented a feature film “my image in a distant future” to the festival. The film tells about education of young people.
The film vividly shows that one is not blessed with happiness from birth, he can find his happiness in efforts to increase the country’s wealth and that he can enjoy a worthwhile life in his youth.
The hero realizes that he lives only in happiness thanks to his parents, and volunteers to a farm where he works assidously. Thus, he is loved by the collective.
The film, based on a real life, fully reflects the spirit of the era.
In recent years, many films have been created as masterpieces in Korea.
Among them are multi-part feature films “the Nation and Destiny” and “Forest Sways” and a film based on socialist reality “Trunks Grow From Roots” (parts one and two).
“The Nation and Destiny”, a typical work of Korean films, is the masterpiece of world standard not only in ideological and artistic content but also in artistic depiction.
The film deals with checkered careers of people of different social standings. Through this, it stresses that the destiny of the nation is precisely that of individual.
Besides, there are films based on socialist reality including “A Dutiful Daughter” (parts one and two), “Traces of Life” (two parts) and “Youth” and history and military films such as “Japanese Invasion in 1592” and “Young Chief of Staff” (parts one and two).

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