Asian regional symposium on Kim Jong Il’s ideas on national reunification

Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) — An Asian regional symposium for supporting Korea’s reunification on Kim Jong Il’s ideas on national reunification was held in Kathmandu on September 13 to mark the first anniversary of the publication of his immortal work “Let Us Carry Out the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’s Instructions for National Reunification.”

Present there were people of different social standings from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries.
Beni Bahadur Karki, chairman of the National Council of Nepal, made a congratulatory speech, which was followed by a report of Man Mohan Adhikari, honorary chairman of the Asian Regional Committee to support Korea’s reunification.
The reporter said that the three charters of national reunification formulated by General Secretary Kim Jong Il are indeed a banner of Korea’s reunification and the most just and realistic fighting program to achieve the independent and peaceful reunification of Korea.
If the relations between the north and south of Korea are to be improved, the South Korean authorities must discard the policy of depending on outside forces and oppose and reject them by uniting efforts with the fellow countrymen in the north out of the stand of national independence, he said.
He urged the United States and Japan to renounce the hostile policy against the DPRK and refrain from instigating the division of Korea and hindering its reunification.
Then, speeches were made.
The speakers praised undying feats performed by President Kim Il Sung in the sacred cause of national reunification.
They said that the tasks and ways put forward by Kim Jong Il are the fair and aboveboard and reasonable proposals for reunification acceptable to anyone and expressed full support and solidarity for the Korean people’s struggle for the reunification of the country.
A letter to Kim Jong Il was adopted at the symposium.

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