Popular Pyongyang film festival

Pyongyang, September 24 (KCNA) — The 6th Pyongyang film festival of non-aligned and other developing countries is going on before full houses.

Its venues are the Pyongyang International Cinema House on the Taedong River, Kaeson and Rakwon and other cinema houses in the capital city of Pyongyang.
Since the festival opened on September 16, festival films have become popular among Pyongyangites.
The Russian feature film “the Son for the Father”, stressing that justice is sure to win, has left deep impressions on spectators.
In the film the father, a hospital director is dismissed after he criticises a leading official of a central public health organ. Later, he builds a medical centre with his son’s help, but a Mafia group schemes to turn it into a nude cabaret. Father and his son, however, win the fight with the group.
The Iranian feature film “Strange Sisters” humorously shows that the future of a country and children is guaranteed by a happy family, a cell of society.
Iran, which has participated in the Pyongyang film festival so far since its start, presented four feature films including “Minoo Watch-Tower” to the current festival.
Drawing the attention of spectators, the Chinese feature film “Special Love” shows the enormous strength of love with which a female star devotes all her energies to recovering her lover for 10 years.
Popular with spectators are also such feature films as “Layar Lara” of Malaysia, “Train ‘n’ roses” of Germany, “the Road less travelled” of Singapore, “Sacrifice” of Nepal, “Strange Times” of Azerbaijan and “the Camp of Fallen Women” of Slovakia, “Pains of Love” of Nigeria and “Dentelle Lace” of Egypt.
The Pyongyang film festival is cutting a conspicuous figure as it fully represents the aspiration and desire of non-aligned and other developing nations to live in a just and peaceful, new world free from all hues of domination, subjugation and social inequality, bringing their ideals and talents into full bloom.

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