6th Pyongyang film festival closes

Pyongyang, September 25 (KCNA) — The 6th Pyongyang film festival of non-aligned and other developing countries, which opened here on Sept. 16, closed today.

The festival was held in the idea of independence, peace and friendship. Screened during the festival were more than 70 feature, documentary and short feature films presented by some 30 countries and seven international organisations.
A closing ceremony took place at the Pyongyang International Cinema House.
Present at the ceremony were Minister of Culture Choe Jae Hyon who is also chairman of the festival organizing committee, other officials, foreign delegations and delegates, guests of honor, foreign diplomatic envoys here and overseas Koreans.
A letter of thanks to General Secretary Kim Jong Il was adopted at the ceremony.
Choe Jae Hyon in his closing address said that the festival powerfully demonstrated the aspiration and will of the progressive moviemen to make a genuine development of the human film art, supporting and cooperating with each other in a free and peaceful world freed from domination, subjugation, aggression and war, and encouraged the peoples of the developing countries in the struggle for justice, peace and social progress.
He expressed the firm belief that the moviemen of all countries will in the future, too, value friendship and take a sincere part in the Pyongyang film festival so as to make active contributions to the development of true human culture.
The Pyongyang film market which opened from Sept. 17 within the framework of the festival ended on Sept. 24.
Feature, documentary, cartoon and TV films, which were presented by different countries, were exchanged at the market.

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