Activation of the national economy called for

Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) — The structure of the Korean economy is an independent one with the heavy industry as its mainstay, stresses Rodong Sinmun today.

It calls for giving full play to its potentials.
In a signed article the paper says that to give full play to the potentials of the Korean-style economic structure is a sure guarantee for putting production on a normal and high basis and, furthermore, developing the economy onto a higher stage.
It goes on:
Activating our economy is, in essence, the work of displaying the potentials of the independent national economy to the full by ensuring steady and high production in all the economic sectors and units.
This work can not be done without development of the heavy industry, a sector for the production of the means of production.
General Secretary Kim Jong Il stressed that the economy should be activated. This idea carries his far-reaching plan to improve the people’s living standard by boosting the economy even under the present difficulties and develop the national economy onto a higher stage by ensuring extended reproduction at a high speed.
To give full play to the might of our economic structure is an essential requirement for further strengthening the independence and the Juche character of the economy.
By activation of the economy we mean strengthening independence and the Juche character, which are the lifeline of the Korean economy.
There cannot be the activation of the economy apart from the principles of Juche and self-reliance.
Our economy can never be activated without giving full play to the potentials of its own structure based on the heavy industry the core of which is a machine-building industry.
Bright is the prospect of Korea’s independent national economy advancing under the correctest line of economic construction.

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