Only reprisal will go to Japan

Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) — Papers today come out with signed commentaries accusing the Japanese Prime Minister of slandering the DPRK’ launch of an artificial satellite at the united nations general assembly session.

A news analyst of rodong sinmun says:
The allegation of the Japanese authorities is self-contradictory.
The DPRK launched only one satellite whereas Japan has fired of satellites scores of times. Now, Japan’s satellites are moving round the earth.
If the DPRK’s satellite launch is judged as the Japanese authorities claim, Japan’s launch of scores of satellites should be regarded as the test firing of intercontinental ballistic missiles. In other words, Japan’s launch can be regarded as a very dangerous provocative act of posing serious threats to the security of the DPRK and the peace and security of Asia and the rest of the world.
In the final analysis, Japan’s vilification of a satellite launch in the DPRK will only put itself into an awkward position.
As a matter of fact, Japan has no face to find faults with the DPRK over the satellite launch.
What is ridiculous is the fact that the Japanese authorities, who are boasting of advanced science and technology, are making preposterous remarks, failing to distinguish between satellite and missile.
Their nonsense only brings shame upon themselves under the eyes of world people.
Japan must feel shame and disgrace at this and draw a due lesson and stop uttering preposterous remarks any longer.
Doing so is the only way for Japan to escape from more miserable shame and disgrace.
The Japanese Prime Minister’s provocative remarks at the NN General Assembly Session is an offspring of the inveterate hostile policy of the Japanese reactionary raling quarters toward the DPRK and an unpardonable challenge to the Korean people.
Japan’s misbehaviour is an open violation of principles of international justice and equality and respect for sovereignty of nations.
In branding the DPRK’s satellite launch as “challenge” and “threats,” the Japanese authorities seek to openly step up Japan’s conversion into a military power and take the road of reinvasion under the pretext of DPRK’s “missile launch.”
Their reckless anti-DPRK hostile acts are giving rise to anti-Japanese feelings of the Korean people, who are resolving to make Japan pay for its past crimes.
The Korean people will get Japan to apologize and compensate for its past crimes and thus satisfy the bitter grudge of the nation without fail.
If the reactionary ruling quarters of Japan persist in anti-DPRK rackets, we will regard Japan as our sworn enemy and take a strong countermeasure.
We will retaliate against Japan’s reckless anti-DPRK hostile acts with a strong self-defensive measure.
They must clearly know their opponents and stop running amuck.
A signed commentary of Minju Joson stresses that the misbehaviour of the Japanese reactionaries is nothing but a suicidal act adding crimes to their past.

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