Patriotic Martyrs’ Cemetary

Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) — The Patriotic Martyrs’ Cemetery, which had been built in September, Juche 75 (1986), in suburbs of Pyongyang, was rebuilt in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the DPRK.

Buried in the cemetery are remains of over 380 forerunners, party, state and military officials and men of meritorious services in science, education, public health, culture and the arts and the press, who died while fighting for the liberation of the country, socialist construction and reunification of the motherland.
The cemetery was peculiarly rebuilt as a grand monument thanks to General Secretary Kim Jong Il’s noble sense of morality and obligation.
Particularly, stone portraits of the martyrs were attached to the gravestones.
In April Kim Jong Il visited a study group and appreciated a camera for stone portraits developed by the group and a sample of the portraits.
He said that the stone portraits should be attached to the gravestones of the fallen heroes and martyrs.
He said that if stone portraits were attached to gravestones, it would bring pleasure to the bereaved families, and took a measure to attach stone portraits on the occasion of the 50th birthday of the DPRK.
He paid deep attention to the reconstruction of the cemetery and gave concrete answers to questions arising in making stone portraits, choosing their objects and engraving epigraphs.
On Sep. 19, he visited the rebuilt cemetery and looked with deep emotions round the stone portraits of the martyrs for a long time.
He noted with high appreciation that they are true revolutionaries and patriots who devoted all their lives to the noble struggle for the party and the leader, the motherland and people.
Their noble revolutionary spirit and patriotism will shine long in the annals of the nation, he added.

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