They will get nothing from sophistry

Pyongyang, September 26 (KCNA) — On September 23 Japanese Foreign Minister Komura, when meeting with a high- ranking diplomat from a certain country, described the DPRK’s launch of artificial satellite as a “grave threat to stability in northeast Asia” and begged for what he called “joint counteraction.”

Earlier, on September 18 he told a press conference that the “responsibility” for worse relations between the DPRK and Japan rested with the DPRK. He meant that the relations went from bad to worse because the DPRK launched the artificial satellite without informing Japan of it in advance. His rigmarole is a samurai-style trick to shift the responsibility onto the DPRK. It makes people feel more disgust at Japan than ridicule. It betrays the deep-rooted insincerity of Japanese diplomacy as well as the shamelessness pertaining to Japan.
Japan is not entitled to say this or that about the DPRK’s launch of artificial satellite.
Japan’s allegation that the DPRK’s launch of artificial satellite poses “threats to stability in northeast Asia” goes only to prove that Japan which launched dozens of artificial satellites with no forenotice is a “source of wrecking peace and stability in northeast Asia,” as well as posing “threats” to its neighbouring countries. The allegation of the Japanese authorities is as good as lifting a rock only to drop it on their own feet, in the long run.
For this, the world people describe Japan’s diplomacy as shortsighted.
The Japanese authorities are now trying hard to shift the “responsibility” for the worse relations onto the DPRK with the clamouring about the “forenotice” of the launch. Their attitude only betrays the true colors of Japan as a country inferior and shameless from the moral and historic point of view.
Space is for common use of humankind, and it is an inalienable sovereignty of all sovereign countries to do scientific researches into peaceful use of space.
In the past Japan launched not a small number of satellites. It did without informing the DPRK of any launch.
If the DPRK should be an object of criticism for its launching of artificial satellite without forenotice, Japan should have already been punished. This is a logical and reasonable way of thinking.
The Japanese authorities, frightened to hear the U.S. claiming that a “ballistic missile had been launched,” cried for “sanctions,” driving the DPRK-Japan relations to the extreme phase of confrontation.
Even after the U.S. as well as all the countries around the world admitted that the DPRK launched the artificial satellite they insisted on the “launch of ballistic missile.” They are getting all the more frantic in anti-DPRK campaign, saying that the “launch of artificial satellite poses no less threat to Japan than the launch of a ballistic missile.”
Which is to blame for the worsening relations, the DPRK that launched the artificial satellite for the peaceful development of space or the Japanese authorities who are engaging themselves in anti-DPRK campaign with deep-rooted hostility.
Their misbehaviour cannot be construed otherwise than a “rash act” or “escapade,” by the people who have sound political sense and reasonable judgement.
It is the height of shamelessness.
The Japanese authorities are wandering about, crying for “joint counteraction” against the DPRK and trying hard to shuffle the responsibility for the worse relations off onto it. They seek in this to conceal their disgrace in blindly following the U.S. and to step up the building of Japan into a military power with this as an occasion.
With such burglary logic and escapade they cannot get rid of the “political dwarf” any time.
The Japanese authorities should stop anti-DPRK campaign with reason before talking about the DPRK’s “threat” and “responsibility.” For them to do so will be good for the state interests and future of Japan.

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