Korean anti-nuke peace committee on Japan’s move for militarization

Pyongyang, September 27 (KCNA) — The spokesman for the Korean anti-nuke peace committee issued a statement on Saturday, bitterly denouncing Japan for igniting the train of arms race in the wake of the DPRK’s peaceful satellite launch.

The Japanese government and high-ranking military officials argue that the “self-defence forces” should possess their own reconnaissance satellite and that Japan should join in the U.S. plan for ballistic missile defence including the Theatre Missile Defence (TMD). They are trying to include the needed expenses in next year’s budget.
The statement brands this armament expansion move as a dangerous act that will stimulate and encourage arms race in East Asia and pose direct threat to peace and security in this part of the world.
The statement continues:
Japan, a defeated nation that is not to have its regular army, is systematically increasing military spending and continuously importing and developing uptodate military equipment and technology. This proves that militarism has revived in Japan and now influence Japan’s politics.
Japan’s military spending was several hundred million yen after the war, exceeded a trillion yen in the 1970s and reached 4,950 billion yen last year.
Japan’s militarization will lead to overseas aggrandizement and aggression. This is a lesson drawn from modern history of Japan.
Why is Japan making a fuss branding the satellite launch of the DPRK as one for military purposes while describing its own satellite launch as one for peaceful purposes?
It is because Japan intends to lull domestic and foreign complaint and concern over its snowballing military spending, overseas dispatch of the “self-defence forces” and other activities for becoming a military power and make an excuse for promoting its militarization legitimately and overtly.
Japan has already laid a legal basis for legitimate involvement in hostile military action against the DPRK by revising the “U.S.-Japan defence cooperation guidelines,” a product of the Cold War. Japan’s smear campaign is also aimed at shifting on to the DPRK the blame for regional arms race that will be caused by its overt militarization policy such as possession of reconnaissance satellite and introduction of the TMD system.
The Japanese authorities must cool their heads swollen with expansion fever and ponder over whom they oppose.
If Japan continues to move for militarization, obsessed with megalomania and overseas expansion fever, it will inevitably meet a more miserable fate than it did some 50 years ago.

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