Second national meeting of mothers welcomed

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today runs an editorial warmly welcoming the second national meeting of mothers.

The meeting will be attended by the mothers who have sent many children to posts of national defence and difficult and arduous domains of socialist construction and women who have brought up orphans like their own children and distinguished themselves in doing good things for society and the collective.
The meeting is fruition born of the great benevolent politics of the Workers’ Party of Korea which pays highest regard to the women and mothers and takes warm care of their destinies, the editorial says, and continues:
It will be a patent proof of the noble spiritual world and morality of the Korean women and mothers who are building socialism under the guidance of the great party.
A huge army of women with loyalty to the party and the leader, firm faith in socialism and warm love for the country and nation is a pride of the WPK and the Korean people.
The problem of women has brilliantly been solved and great efforts are directed to the upbringing of children on a high level in Korea. Her realities are attributable to the wise guidance of Kim Jong Il and the superior socialist system.
The Korean women and mothers will as ever discharge their obligation and role with credit for the prosperity and development of the country and the education of the rising generation.

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