East Pyongyang Grand Theatre

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) — On the picturesque Taedong riverside in Pyongyang there stand many monumental edifices.

The East Pyongyang Grand Theatre is one of them.
Built in unusual style, the theatre makes the outline of the riverside Munsu area in east Pyongyang look more varied and harmonious.
The facade has a semicircular beauty and blends in well with the rectangular building in the rear, reminding one of a gay boat.
The whole semicircular part is covered with glass and is attached with a white and long wall which forms a rising curve towards the facade, giving the appearance of a xylophone.
The upper part of the front entrance is decorated with a large mosaic mural depicting a scenery of Mt. Kumgang, a scenic beauty of Korea. The mural is six metres high and 60 metres wide.
The building is of wainscot structure. With the whole exterior covered with glass and the main frame structure invisible, the stained glass and the white wall form a striking contrast, bringing into relief the artistic effect of the building.
The interior consists of the part of entrance hall, that of auditoriums and that of the stage and subsidiary facilities and there are more than 250 rooms.
The entrance hall is pierced up to the third floor. There is a large glass mural depicting a beautiful scenery of Mt. Kumgang. Fountains of various shapes, waterfalls and lighting of various colours there give the audience an impression of seeing the sights of Mt. Kumgang. The mural is 15 metres high and 27 metres wide.
The auditoriums have 1,500 seats. Being multifunctional, the theatre can be used not only for opera, drama and art performances but also for various meetings. The stage is flanked by walls installed with rotating wainscot. The wainscot rotates, one side of each wainscot being designed for reflection and the other for sound absorption. The rotating wainscots are decorated with sceneries of beauty spots of Korea.
The stage and facilities for artistes and public service amenities are built up on modern lines. The environs of the theatre are covered with green belts and decorated with a group sculpture depicting fairies of Mt. Kumgang.
With a total building area of more than 43,800 square metres, the theatre was inaugurated in May 1989, just before the opening of the 13th World Festival of Youth and Students in Pyongyang.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bumix2000/4907678230/

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