Rodong Sinmun on S. Korean authorities’ “policy” towards north

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) — Of late the Ministry of National Reunification published what it calls “explanation materials” in the wake of the publication of a questionnaire of the secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland laying bare the anti-reunification nature of the South Korean authorities’ “north policy.”

In this regard, Rodong Sinmun today runs a commentator’s article.
The article says:
The “explanation materials” are consistent with a traitorous logic to defend and justify the sycophantic and separatist stand of the South Korean authorities. The “materials” fully betray the true colors of traitors who are clean indifferent to the principles of national reunification that the north and south of Korea agreed on and promised to carry into practice.
The author in the article dealing with the “north policy” again says:
What must be called into question before anything else is the servile and sycophantic nature of the South Korean authorities who take no account of the dignity and independence of the nation.
They claim that the U.S. military presence does not impede inter-Korean relations nor run counter to the principle of independence approved by the two sides of Korea.
Such a ridiculous rigmarole can be made only by the traitors who want to prolong their remaining days with the backing of the U.S., leaving the destinies of the country and nation to the tender mercy of the U.S. imperialist aggressors.
The U.S. is a source of national division and of misfortune and sufferings inflicted upon the Korean people.
It is also the main stumbling-block lying in the way of Korea’s reunification.
The “National Security Law” and the “Agency for National Security Planning,” tools of the anti-north policy of the South Korean authorities, must be also called into question.
The South Korean authorities claim that the “NSL” and the “ANSP” do not hinder reconciliation between the north and south and that the demand for their removal is contrary to the spirit of the inter-Korean agreement calling upon the two sides of Korea to admit the existence of different social systems in the north and south and pay regard to each other.
If they are true to the spirit of the agreement, they should abolish the “NSL” and dismantle the “ANSP” that denies the system of North Korea.
The existence of the “NSL” and the “ANSP” is incompatible with inter-Korean reconciliation. With any excuse the South Korean authorities cannot justify the offspring of the old era of confrontation.
Their two-fold approach towards war and peace must be called into question.
The Minister of National Unification has persistently insisted on the dualism of the north policy–dialogue and security. His insistence is the revelation of the ulterior intention to resort to trickery in dealing with national reunification question with no sincere patriotic stand.
The north laid down the principle of peaceful reunification, one of the three principles of national reunification. With a view to opening the road to peaceful reunification together with the South Korean authorities the north reached an agreement with them and made it public as the reunification programme common to the nation.
If the South Korean authorities are to be true to the principle of peaceful reunification they pledged to do together with the north, they should work hard to create a peaceful climate for national reunification and refrain from pursuing the policy of war against the north, particularly from staging military manoeuvres together with a huge army of aggressors.
War or peace? They should make clear their attitude.
If they continue taking the road of anti-communism, anti-north, going against the three principles of national reunification, they will certainly meet indelible disgrace and destruction.
The passage of time will prove that the north’s warning is not an empty talk.

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