Who is threatening whom? =KCNA commentary=

Pyongyang, September 29 (KCNA) — “Minister” Hong Sun Yong of Foreign Affairs and Trade of South Korea, addressing the UN General Assembly Session on September 25, took issue with the DPRK.

He expressed “deep concern” over the DPRK’s development of military technology, and demanded that the international community put pressure on the DPRK.
Obviously, he meant the launch of the first artificial satellite in the DPRK and ultra-modern science and technology demonstrated through it.
He, however, described the launch of artificial satellite as the launch of a “rocket-propelled object,” adding that the DPRK’s “capabilities of development of mass destruction weapons” pose “grave threats” to peace and security in northeast Asia, including the Korean peninsula.
Such a burglary logic does not go down with the international community at all.
The threats to peace and security in northeast Asia, including the Korean peninsula, come from the U.S. policy of military occupation of the region and the moves of the South Korean and Japanese authorities who are zealously following it.
The U.S. has huge armed forces and military bases in South Korea and Japan. Every day it stages military manoeuvres in which a huge amount of combat equipment is involved.
Who is threatening whom?
The answer can be found in the U.S.-South Korea joint military manoeuvres codenamed Ulji Focus Lens which tens of thousands of troops staged throughout South Korea in August.
Hong reversed black and white, clamouring about “threats” at the UN General Assembly Session, though.
His rigmarole is intolerable because it is a provocation aimed at more acute inter-Korean confrontation through the internationalisation of it and a shameless mockery of unbiased public opinion of the world.

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