Land of many designations

Pyongyang, September 30 (KCNA) — Korea boasts of a history spanning 5,000 years and brilliant culture.

From old times it has been called “tapestry-like land” and “land of morning calm.”
Since it had not a great leader, Korea suffered an eclipse on the world map, though it had the land as beautiful as a golden tapestry, its long history and brilliant culture.
Since a disgraceful history of flunkeyism and humiliation began, it was called “a country in seclusion” and a “colonial less-developed country.”
In the past 50 years Korea has exalted its dignity throughout the world, opening a new history of changes. the progressive humankind, therefore, call it “Kim Il Sung’s
Korea has a lot of the internationally recognised designations.
The world people call Korea “homeland of Juche” and “land of Juche” because Korea is a country where the Juche idea, the greatest political philosophy in history of humankind, was founded and which is vigorously advancing under the banner of the immortal idea.
Korea shattered to smithereens the U.S. imperialism’s “mightness” and defended the dignity of the country and nation from the invasion on the part of the imperialist allied forces. so. it is called a “land of heroes.”
Korea, which has built a powerful national economy on the ruins of war with world-startling miracles, is called a “land of Chollima.”
Korea is a country whose true masters are the popular masses and where the dignity, happiness and future of human being are guaranteed. for this, it has dozens of designations such as “a country for the people,” “a country of free medical service and free education” and “a tax-free country.”
Korea is still holding high the banner of socialism and adding lustre to Korean socialism, though it is suffering from the combined effects of imperialists’ moves to isolate and stifle it and consecutive years of natural disasters.
Korea is now a focus of the world calling it “fortress of socialism,” “invincible country” and “satellite-possessing country.”
All the designations will shine long under the wise guidance of General Secretary Kim Jong Il.

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