Trick aimed at disintegrating overseas Koreans

Pyongyang, September 30 (KCNA) — Rodong Sinmun today comments on a “special law related to the legal status of overseas Koreans” which the South Korean authorities announced they would enact.

Lurking behind this trick is their sinister intention to induce overseas Koreans to South Korea and attain their ulterior purpose, the news analyst of the paper says, and continues:
What they seek in this is to divide the community of overseas Koreans, disorganise the overseas Koreans’ movement for the reunification of the country and, for the present, shear them of their money in a bid to escape from the daily worsening economic crisis.
They are trying to divert elsewhere the attention of overseas Koreans from the DPRK, win them over to their side and thus incite feelings of anti-north confrontation among them.
South Korea is a colony in which outside forces hold sway and the dignity of the nation is ruthlessly violated.
Moreover, the South Korean authorities dispatch agents of the “Agency for National Security Planning” to other countries to watch, control, pressure, kidnap and kill overseas Koreans. now, overseas-resident Koreans turned their back to the South Korean authorities because they have no lingering affection for them.
If they are truly concerned about the interests of overseas Koreans, the South Korean authorities should take independent policies, get the aggression army withdrawn from South Korea, renounce the “National Security Law”, remove the “Agency for National Security Planning” and put an end to the fascist rule.

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