Remarks of brazen-faced Hwang

Pyongyang, January 28 (KCNA) –Jang Kum Il, member of the society for correct understanding of the north in South Korea published an article titled “remarks of brazen-faced Hwang,” Seoul-based radio Voice of National Salvation said.

In the article Jang commented on the remarks made by Hwang Jang Yop, who is not a full-fledged citizen nor a free member of society, at a feast.
He said:
Hwang, who lives like a mole in a back room, acted rashly, slandering the north.

On January 21 a defector to the south, Hwang, gave a “lecture” at a luncheon meeting sponsored by a general association of managers at the Silla Hotel.
In his “lecture” Hwang called for “focussing all the exchanges and cooperation with the north on the disintegration of the government in the north.”
He has claimed that he came to the south for the prevention of a war. He is now inciting a war, crying for concentrating even inter-Korean exchanges and cooperation on the collapse of the north.
He went so far as to say that the north should be induced to reform and opening through the medium of organised promotion of “sunshine policy.”

The present chief executive of South Korea has engaged himself in putting into practice “a sunshine theory” which he claimed is the mainstay of the policy towards the north, but in vain. As a consequence, he replaced the theory with what he calls “magnanimity.”
Hwang, however, acts as if he were an architect of the fiction of the “opening of the north,” urging “Chongwadae” to make “organised promotion of the sunshine policy.”
As to “food aid to the north,” he said that if it is sent to the north as military supplies, the plunder by the army will decrease.
Indeed, malicious is Hwang who describes even supply of food to the army of the fellow countrymen as plunder and calls for mixing poison into it.

It is a palpable truth that remarks from a renegade do not stand to reason.
Ridiculous remarks are being made by Hwang, who is prolonging his remaining days in reliance upon the “Agency for National Security Planning”, in a bid to pay for his food.
The purpose of Hwang’s “lecture” given to businessmen is to throw a wet blanket over the desire of businessmen for inter-Korean cooperation and exchange, which is growing stronger with the recent north visit of the Hyun Dai business group. It is also to block the sympathies of a growing number of people for the north.
“Chongwadae” which is taking a mole like Hwang under its wings will certainly fall down and the self-styled “Government for the People” will collapse of its own accord.
It is necessary to leave a mole alone underground.

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