18th national meeting in Tokyo

Tokyo, October 22 (KNS-KCNA) — The 18th National Meeting of the Movement for Supporting Korea’s Reunification was held in Tokyo from October 16 to 17 under the sponsorship of the executive committee of national meetings and the executive committee of the metropolitan region consisting of the Japan Committee for Supporting the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea, the Japan-Korea Cultural Interchange Association, the Japanese Women’s Liasion Council for Solidarity with the Korean Women, the Japan-Korea Society for Sientific and Educational Exchange.

Introduced at the meeting were the messages of greetings from the Korean Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and Japanese organizations and public figures.

Katsumi Takeoka, former chief secretary of the Defence Agency, gave a lecture at the meeting.

General secretary Hiroshi Wakabayashi of the Japan Committee for Supporting the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea made a report.

In the report he said it is high time the Japanese government changed its Korea policy radically, requesting the government as follows: Firstly to repent of and apologize for its past colonial rule and admit its responsibility and make state compensation, secondly to make a switchover in its hostile policy towards the DPRK and its policy to perpetuate the division of Korea, thirdly to cancel its moves to reinvade Korea, and fourthly to establish diplomatic relations between Japan and the DPRK and expand peaceful interchange.

He held that the Japanese government actively cooperate with the DPRK in realizing Korea’s independent and peaceful reunification at an early date and lift sanctions against the DPRK immediately.

He called upon solidarity movement organizations and public figures across the country to make all their efforts for the development of the movement for supporting Korea’s reunification.

The participants had panel discussions, divided into “the international situation surrounding the Korean peninsula and Japan-Korea relations,” “national education and all national rights” and “Japan-Korea friendship solidarity movement.”

Adopted at the meeting was the 1999 Tokyo declaration requesting the Japanese government to rectify the hostile policy towards the DPRK and lift the sanctions, resume the inter-governmental contact for opening diplomatic relations between the two countries without preconditions.

A letter to the Korean people was adopted at the meeting.

During the meeting the issue of opening Japan-DPRK diplomatic relations was taken up under the titles “peace on the Korean peninsula and the responsibility of Japan” and “we call the Japanese government to account for the delay of the establishment of Japan-DPRK diplomatic relations.”

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