Disarmament is need of times

Pyongyang, October 24 (KCNA) — Minju Joson today devotes a signed article to the week of disarmament observed worldwide.

It has become a trend of the times to call for disarmament in the efforts to defend the peace and security of the world, but the imperialists persist in their arms race to realize their wild dream of dominating the world, the article notes and goes on:

The anti-imperialist, peace-loving forces must unite as one in the struggle to crush the war moves and arms race of the imperialists.

Strenuous efforts should be made to build nuclear-free peace zones in various parts of the world and steadily expand them.

The issue of disarmament should be resolved on the Korean peninsula before any other regions.

The U.S. continues staging large war exercises after amassing nuclear weapons, latest war equipment and huge aggression forces in and around South Korea.

The DPRK government advanced reasonable proposals and ways to ensure the peace of the Korean peninsula and has made every possible effort to materialize them.

The Korean people will continue to struggle resolutely against the imperialists’ aggression and arms race in keeping with the contemporary trend of peace and disarmament in the future, too.

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