Introduction electronic system for watch under fire

Pyongyang, October 24 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the Korean Democratic Lawyers Association (KDLA) yesterday issued a statement denouncing the South Korean ruling quarters’ recent attempt to introduce an “electronic system for watch” on “those under observation for public peace” as a wanton violation of human rights.

The statement said:

The South Korean rulers’ move to introduce the “electronic system for watch” is an undisguised violation of human dignity and rights and lays bare their heinous criminal attempt to harshly repress the students and people in the struggle for independence, democracy and reunification and thoroughly check their activities.

The KDLA strongly denounces this move as the worst violation of human rights as this is intended to trample down rights and freedom of people by abusing the latest science and technology.

They should abrogate without delay all the fascist laws including the “security law” and drop at once their move to introduce the “electronic system for watch.”

The statement expressed the belief that the international judicial and human rights organizations would lift up voices for justice calling for the frustration of the South Korean rulers’ vicious move to stamp out human rights and freedom by introducing the latest science and technology.

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